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Article: Watoto Camp 2022

Watoto Camp 2022

Watoto Camp 2022

Camp was fun!!! 

Samuel was so happy having seen the animals face to face. He heard people say that when a lion roars everything stops. “I want to be as strong as a lion!” he said. He was happy because he could see it physically this time. Before he had only seen lions on TV or in a book, drawings or as toys.  

Jason Kariuki was really excited. To him the safari was an adventure. What amazed him was seeing the lion. They call the lion king of the jungle. He really wanted to hear the lion roar and he is hoping that next time it will roar when he is there. He wants to feel how powerful it sounds! Jesus is also called lion of Judah. Jesus must be very powerful and strong.  

Precious Nduta saw animals for the first time. 

Chantel came back with lots of stories and with such a joyful face. She saw the animals that she has never seen before. She has seen most of them on cartoons and pictures. 

Deborah & Divine wished they could touch some of the animals. They also could name each of the animals that they saw: gazelle, impala, cheetah, warthog, giraffe, leopard, lion…. 

Thank you to all of our Amani friends for giving our kids the experience of a  lifetime!

Zip Lining was a blast!!! The kids couldn’t get enough of the zip-line, ropes course and rock-climbing wall.

For Precious, zip lining was her best! She is not afraid of trying new things even if they look scary. She loves to try things that she has never done before. She felt so good to be up there – like she was “walking on space”. This was her first experience zip lining, and she would like to even try much higher ones!  

Samuel was too scared to zip line. He got encouragement from seeing other kids zip lining. He told his Mom he will try next time. 

On zip lining, Chantel was really fearful but when she was helped by the camp assistant her fear was gone. She will be brave next time and do it on her own. She loved the nature too! 

To Deborah and Divine, zip lining was like flying in the air. They are still talking about it today. They were encouraged to try to do zip lining after seeing the other kids do it. They stopped being fearful.

Thank you again to those who made it possible for the Amani kids to have an  unforgettable experience.

What were some of the takeaways? 

Jason was taught how to live with each other in peace. If they quarrel, the one who is wrong should ask the other forgiveness. They were also taught to be patient with one another. And they were taught to pray for those who do bad things for God to change their hearts. 

Precious was taught that it’s good to pray to God every day. Since then, Patience has been leading night prayers at home and she alternates with her cousin. She teaches her younger cousins to forgive each other whenever they have a disagreement. 

Group sessions: the kids learned that despite difficult circumstances they can live with victory because of Jesus, the Lion of Judah.  

Practical applications: make wise decisions, choose good friends and develop spiritual disciplines.

The kids left with memories of acacia trees (the giraffe’s favorite), Kenya’s magnificent sunsets and new friends. 

Pray that they will stay close to Jesus, their Protector.  

Our thanks and appreciation goes out to all those who donated to the 44 kids who went to camp. 

Love and peace, 

Becky, the Amani moms and kids

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