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Become an Amani Ambassador!

What is an Amani Ambassador?

Amani is a financially self-sustaining, long-term development organization. We provide skills training and ongoing income opportunities that cause dramatic life change for marginalized women in Africa. For 20 years now, Amani Ambassadors in the U.S. have been a key part of sustaining Amani's work. By volunteering to host a box party, you can become an Ambassador too!  By selling one average sized box of Amani products, you can generate proceeds that will ensure that nine women are able to meet the basic needs of food, shelter and education costs for their families for an entire month!

Browse this packet for party ideas and more information!

For questions or to become an Ambassador, contact:
Lyndsay Slaten
US Ambassador Coordinator
Phone: 423.531.6496 Cell: 423.505.3509 Fax: 423.531.6497  
Mail: 511 S. Hawthorne Street Box 3302 Chattanooga, TN 37404



Party Resources


Kenyan Chai Recipe - Amani Kenya’s cafe serves a very popular version of Kenyan Chai Tea.

Samosas - A delicious small fried turnover filled with seasoned vegetables and/or meat.

Peanut Soup - A combination of tomatoes, onion, and peanut butter that make for a surprisingly wonderful, off-beat soup served over rice. 


Maggie photo

Women dancing at Amani ya Juu photo

Invitation - An invitation template to send to guests



Meet Lucy
A video about Amani to show your guests during your gathering.


We recommend heading to for free music. “African Station” is a good start!

After your Box Party

Ambassador Wrap Up Info
Information for after your party.

Returned Inventory Form
A form to fill out before you send back unsold product.



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