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The Amani+ Fund and how your donations are used

As a not-for-profit, Amani seeks to drive all growth back into the mission of the organization. Our pricing model guarantees that trainees are paid well and operating expenses are covered, while also ensuring that products sell and Amani can continue providing work for more women. However we are a holistic organization and are always seeking to embed peace and reconciliation throughout every aspect of a woman's life. Your donation to the Amani+ Fund will be used in supporting outreach and strategic growth for the ministry of Amani  ya Juu and will ensure that we continue to effectively pass the peace to those we serve.

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Amani Children's Peace Camp

Several times a year,our production centers in Africa shut down and the focus shifts to the children of the trainees. This is a day camp called Amani Watoto in Kenya meaning “Children of Peace”. Children from all different backgrounds celebrate peace and forgiveness through games, crafts, and stories. Donations made to the camp will go to teaching materials, crafts, & hot lunches.

Amani Emergency Fund

Amani Emergency FundMany Amani women live on the edge of survival. Gifts to the Emergency Fund provide support for basic needs when individuals are faced with unexpected crisis. Gifts in the past have been used for food distribution during post-election violence in Kenya, traumatic loss in a family, medical expenses for extreme illnesses, and emergency home relocation due to physical danger. A gift today can help provide for a day in the future when the women of Amani face uncertainty and loss.


Amani Sewing Machines

Stitching is at the heart of Amani’s work and new sewing machines are essential for women new to Amani or working at the younger Amani centers. Donations to sewing machines are used to assist women in purchasing their own sewing machines, which enables them to work at home while caring for their families.


Amani Uganda was planted by Simprosa, long-time member of the Amani ya Juu family in Kenya who returned home to northern Uganda to pass peace to the war-torn region. The women of Amani Uganda are trained and mentored by women from Amani Nairobi. The center is up and running, but still needs capital to grow during this phase.




Amani Uganda

Amani Scholarship Program

Elizabeth Sumwabe was a Liberian woman whose strength and determination has left a powerful legacy at Amani ya Juu. To honor her life and courage scholarships are given to women who are resilient, give selflessly, and are driven by their faith in God. Women who have received the scholarship and completed a university program are now serving at Amani and around the world.


Other ways to Give

Mail your gift to the address below and specify the center or program you wish to donate:

Amani Foundation
P.O. Box 28133
Chattanooga, TN 37424

Amani Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization in the U.S. All gifts are tax deductible.

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