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How does Amani function financially as a non-profit?
Production and operations are sustained through the sale of products and ministry programs are supported through donations.

Amani Pass the Peace Fund

This is our most popular program to give to because leadership allocates funds to the most pressing needs of Amani. Donations given to Pass the Peace support the sustainability of all holistic programs at Amani. 


Amani Emergency Fund

Many Amani women live on the edge of survival. Gifts to the Emergency Fund provide support for basic needs when individuals are faced with unexpected crisis. Gifts in the past have been used for food distribution during post-election violence in Kenya, traumatic loss in a family, medical expenses for extreme illnesses and emergency home relocation due to physical danger. A gift today can help provide for a day in the future when the women of Amani face uncertainty and loss.


Amani Sewing Machines

Stitching is at the heart of Amani’s work and new sewing machines are essential for women new to Amani or working at the younger Amani centers. Donations are used to assist women in purchasing their own sewing machines, which enables them to work at home while caring for their families.



Women's Sponsorship Program

Amani reaches the most vulnerable of women in Africa.  They come burdened with financial needs to keep their children in school, a roof over their heads, and a meal for the day.  Women new to the program come with little or no sewing experience. Your donation covers materials, hot lunches and transport that enables new trainees to learn and earn as quickly as possible.


Amani Child School Sponsorship Program

An education in Africa takes a child out of poverty into opportunity.  For only $35 a month you can sponsor a child of an Amani woman and make a life-changing difference.  Many of the Amani children today, sponsored through this program, are now doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, teachers and translators.  We are proud of them and their achievements.  Your gift will cover monthly school fees, school uniform, books and supplies.



Amani Children's Peace Camp

Several times a year, our production centers in Africa shut down and the focus shifts to the children of the trainees. This is a day camp called Amani Watoto in Kenya meaning “Children of Peace." Children from all different backgrounds celebrate peace and forgiveness through games, crafts and stories. Donations made to the camp will go to teaching materials, supplies and hot lunches.


Amani Center Development 

Each Amani center has a vital part in the fulfillment of the vision and mission of Amani ya Juu.

Kenya Center

The Amani Kenya Center reaches local Kenyan women and refugees who face insurmountable difficulties and in need of a safe place to heal and be restored. Women are trained in skills of sewing, quilting, tie dying, wax print, waitressing, baking and
cooking. The Amani Kenya center is the hub for exporting products from the African centers.


 Uganda Center 

The Amani Uganda Center reaches women who were forced into slavery by rebel armies and now have been rehabilitated through the healing power of Christ’s peace. The Amani Uganda center supplies products to the other centers with the bold and the bright of African kitenge.




 Chattanooga Center

The Amani Chattanooga Center is the critical link between the African women and customers. The Chattanooga Center cultivates this relationship by sharing the women’s stories of peace and forgiveness and showcasing their products. Amani Chattanooga ensures the Amani women receive a consistent income by promoting their products to
local and online customers.


Donate to the center of your choice and support the ministry of peace and reconciliation through the development of each center.

In the notes section, enter the name of the center before you submit.


Prefer to give by check?

Mail your check to the address below and specify how you would like it to be used:

Amani Foundation
P.O. Box 3605
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Amani Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization in the U.S. All gifts are tax deductible.

    Thank you for supporting Amani ya Juu!