Stories of Forgiveness


The Great Day

Easter is upon us.  In many languages around the world Easter is more aptly called The Great Day and Resurrection SundayAs we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection we reflect on His great sacrifice for us and his painful journey to the cross known by many believers as the Way of Sorrows. Today as we ponder the Cross we remember the events and moments leading up to Christ’s death. This extreme act of forgiveness compels us to see our need for God which sets us on our own personal journey. The crown of thorns He wore and the cross that He bore impress upon us the greatness of Jesus' love for us and the significance of His sacrifice.  Amani ya Juu means Peace from Above. While we seek every day to receive this peace and pass it on to all who walk through our doors, we remember that this peace came with a price.

This amazing story doesn’t end on the cross.  Resurrection Sunday completes the story! Miracles of forgiveness and peace are made possible.

It truly is The Great Day!

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