Amani ya Juu Women Make My Heart Smile

A few words from Ali, our Creative Director...



The women at Amani ya Juu continue to make my heart smile. My absolute favorite moments of my days here are when I get to stop and chat with a lady while passing her on the steps or share a joke and a high-five or when I get to sit next to her at her sewing machine and ask about her weekend. Chapel time has also been so encouraging. I've never seen Amani's chapel so full as I have on this trip! Every day I get to see women coming to hear from the Bible and sing songs of worship.

Our theme this month in chapel is "Building". The first week of February I got to lead devotions each day sharing from the story of Noah and how God built into him first before Noah built the ark. The Bible said he was found blameless in an evil world. We spent the week talking about how having a relationship with Jesus can allow the Holy Spirit to build into us so that we can go out and share that same love with others.

We live in an evil world right now for sure, that desperately needs this good news. Would we stand out to God right now if he was looking for someone after his own heart?

  Amani Kenya

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