Partner Highlight: Birke Kibnesh & Friends

In Ethiopia, Leprosy is still highly stigmatized. Because of this, most people with visible effects from leprosy are excluded and ostracized, forcing the affected to resort to begging for survival. Amani proudly partners with Birke Kibnesh & Friends, the organization behind our Ethiopian Woven Tea Towel.

Birke Kibnesh & Friends weaving ethiopian woven tea towel

 Birke Kibnesh & Friends is an organization benefitting approximately 45 sick and elderly people affected by leprosy or other stigmatizations. They provide work opportunities through the various components of making textiles (spinning, dying, weaving, embroidery, sewing), financial support (for medical care, housing, and food), and overall advocacy. 

Birke, the founder, has leprosy, herself. Her experiences inspired her to help create a better future where people with leprosy aren't at such extreme social and economic disadvantages. Her goal is to create self-sufficiency for everyone affected. 
Join us in supporting her cause! The more Ethiopian Towels we sell, the more we can purchase and help fuel their business.

As you can see, the Ethiopian Woven Tea Towel is beautifully crafted one weave at a time. The cotton is spun and placed on a large loom, layering colors one strand at a time. Then finished by hand with a twisted fringe tassel.

Now you can Spread Peace to Ethiopia too!

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