The Gift of Education

In January two Amani trainees, Ingrid and Eugeine, were informed that each of their 4 children would be receiving special Christmas presents this year! Because of a generous financial donation from friends of Amani in the US, 8 children were blessed with new backpacks filled with all the school supplies they would need: pens, notebooks, pencils, rulers, pencil crayons, and coloring books just for fun!


Ingrid said, “It was so nice that I didn’t have to buy anything this year when my kids started school! I’d been wondering what I was going to send them with, because I didn’t have anything, and their old bags were all ripped. What a blessing! I’m so thankful!”

The children were bursting with gratitude as well; 4 year old Imelda said, “Mom, the place where you work is really nice! We’ve never had a bag as good as this before!”

Both the mothers and children were very thankful and excited, and their children began the 2016 school year with full desks and full hearts.


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