We are Thankful

What are the women of Amahoro Burundi thankful for?

The seamstresses of Amahoro Burundi have witnessed genocide, violence, hunger, and extreme poverty. But each day, they pause to offer praise and humble prayers. These ladies (and a few men) wish to share with you the beautiful blessings in their life—as well as and prayer requests.

“I am thankful for….everything (laughs). Specifically, I am thankful that my children are healthy. Pray for my husband who is not saved and for my family to find a new home to stay.”

Doracella (with daughter Shyella)

I am thankful that there is peace among the ladies. Though it gets harder to get fabric and materials, I am also thankful for what we have.”
Goreth, Director (with husband Evariste)

“I thank God for giving me salvation. I am thankful for God’s provision in food and drink. I pray for a husband who obeys God.”


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