Walking with Maggie: A Miracle of Healing

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One of the most memorable parts of a visit to Amani ya Juu in Kenya is a warm, enthusiastic greeting from Maggie Ndanu.  Every day Maggie ushers people into the life of Amani.  Whether you come to browse and shop or enjoy a quiet lunch in the Amani Garden Café, Maggie’s warm welcome is likely a significant part of any visit.
Maggie has been part Amani ya Juu since 1999.  The Amani family embraced Maggie as she ventured back into daily life in Nairobi after a tragic road accident.  We have all seen Maggie grow in her faith and her work while serving customers in the Amani shop. It's a place where her love of people and welcoming spirit flourished. Many a stranger has become a friend through Maggie. She is an encourager who compassionately welcomes others in while sharing about God--her provider and sustainer.
Maggie has courageously endured chronic pain from her hip injury for several years,even with six previous surgeries. Recently her doctors told her there was nothing else to be done. Another hip replacement surgery would be too difficult. Maggie resigned herself to living with the painful limp. But in the past month God graciously provided for Maggie a doctor who was willing to come from the United States to Kenya to perform the surgery. The materials and parts needed were also provided just in time for surgery.  Maggie was beaming with thankfulness and was up and walking the next day with a new, fully functional hip.
Maggie will now need several months of rehabilitation and physical therapy.  During this time she will not be able to be a part of daily work at Amani or earn her regular income.  Yet Amani desires to support Maggie and her family, for whom she is a significant bread-winner, while she recovers. The women of Amani will be visiting her at home and praying for a quick recovery. For the month of May, Amani's Emergency Fund will be dedicated to supporting Maggie and her family, including house rent and other expenses. You can join the Amani family in standing with Maggie by making a donation to the Amani Emergency Fund through our online shop.

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Whether or not you have had the privilege of meeting Maggie, we invite you to walk alongside her now. As a beautiful reminder of joy amidst ongoing suffering, we thank God for this opportunity to pass His peace to Maggie.

You can read more about Maggie's surgery in a reflection written by Dr. Dan Galat here.

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