A Personal Update from Maggie

"Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?"

We were deeply encouraged by the strong response to our recent update about Maggie Ndanu's healing through a much-needed surgery.  Maggie is a vibrant part of the Amani Nairobi family.  She will now be able to recover fully and return to Amani, thanks to the successful surgery, the prayers of many friends, and the donations given to help provide care during her recovery. Maggie returned to Amani Nairobi for a visit recently, sharing her vivacious spirit and exuberant joy with the ladies.  The doctors say she will need a full three months of rest and therapy to recover, but after that, she will be able to return to Amani - this time without crutches! Maggie wrote the following reflection to share with Amani's widespread family: Dear Friends and Amani Family, May the grace of the lord and His peace from above be with you all. I thank almighty God a lot for His plan, His time and place, and the special doctors chosen for my surgery.  Thanks all for your prayer & support.  Thanks, thanks a lot! God works in special ways! Though I was in total pain before my surgery, going to the extent of taking four tablets instead of one and at times not sleeping, I was amazed that I had strength for the next day.  I learned to trust in God in the time when I felt such pain.  During this time, I was greatly encouraged by a reminder in Job 2:10: "Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?"  Any time I thought of the kind of pain Job in the Bible went through I would say, "God, I trust in you." I trusted in God, and God soon gave me an answer in a doctor who I trusted and gave me good care.  I experienced God's peace as there were so many people praying for me and through the love of the Amani family & friends.  The operation went well - smooth and peaceful.  The doctors, hospital team, and hospital environment also gave me peace. Dear friends, I want to encourage you to trust in the Lord as well. In times of struggle, let God reply to you in His timing.  God's love is so big. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for all the support and prayer.  God bless you always. much love, Maggie

May God's peace be a strength and joy to you, as it has been to Maggie.  Thank you for your friendship to the women of Amani ya Juu.

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