"Our relationships are our wealth."

This month, we have special news from Amani Kenya’s grateful Country Director, Joyce Muraya:
There is an African saying which translates loosely as “our relationships are our wealth." And we at Amani ya Juu have seen this to be true over and over again. The month of September has been a month of jubilation. After many years of praying for a way to mitigate the loss of work hours occasioned by an inconsistent power supply, a friend of Amani blessed us with a 16.5KVA power generator in mid-September. Since the installation and commissioning, Beatrice is able to continue working on the long-arm quilting frame without missing a beat, because the generator automatically comes on when the main electricity goes off. The café staff is now able to continue serving their delicious meals and coffees. Amani has many dear friends who are an expression of the love God showers upon us in each season. We thank God.

This is a picture of the haven that Amani is for so many women who come to work together in peace. We give thanks for the gifts that make that haven possible. 

Domi, amani employee, next to the new generator

Domi, who manages export and relies on her computer for the bulk of her work, is very thankful to have a generator and know that her work flow will no longer be interrupted on a regular basis.

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