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Article: Motherhood is a Gift

Motherhood is a Gift

Glady's at work at amani kenya

"Being a mother is not a right, it’s a gift & a privilege."

- Gladys, Amani Kenya

Meet Gladys, head of administrative activities at Amani Kenya and full-time mother. In honor of Mother's Day, read her amazing story of faith and motherhood. Gladys has worked at Amani Kenya for 9 years. 

portrait of glady's outside at amani kenya

Gladys has worked at Amani Kenya for 9 years."When I joined Amani, I was a young lady who still had a lot of pain and disappointed by many people who had not fulfilled their promises."

Born into a polygamous family of two wives & eight siblings, you might expect Gladys to remember her childhood as a difficult time, but she recalls fond memories of her time with her mother. "We were brought up in a strong religious Christian family," says Gladys. "My mom was a very, very special person in my life. She was a very strong woman who endured a lot in her marriage. The few years I spent with her were the best. Her favorite quote was: 'Be good to people.'"As a young teenager, Gladys lost both her parents. Eventually, she began to seek a relationship with Christ, but still struggled with many issues. "When I joined Amani 9 years ago, I was a young lady who still had a lot of pain and disappointed by many people who had not fulfilled their promises. Both my physical and emotional life was just in a mess," says Gladys.

Gladys modeling at amani fundraiser

Gladys modeling at an Amani fundraiser fashion show in her 6th year with Amani Kenya.

As her time at Amani passed, Gladys realized the women around her were new mothers and sisters."When I fell ill with paralysis 8 years ago, they really prayed for me and through God’s grace, I was HEALED. This experience and the Christian environment at Amani led to the conviction of my spirit."

Soon after, Gladys met her husband, with whom she is expecting a second child this year. "I am married to my best friend, a husband and a wonderful father to our beautiful daughter and our unborn child. Being a mother is not a right, it’s a gift and a privilege. I feel so blessed that the Lord has chosen me to be a mother. I have a 4-year-old daughter; she is one of the best things that ever happened to me." 

Gladys smiling with her daughter

Gladys with her daughter. "I have a 4-year-old daughter; she is one of the best things that ever happened to me."

Managing marriage and motherhood isn't always easy for Gladys---she works for Amani full time and her husband works away from home on weekdays. In her current pregnancy, she often experiences nausea. When she wakes up early to prepare her daughter for school, and the experience "can be enjoyable or frustrating depending on how the morning is" she says. "By the time I see her off to school, it’s like half of my day is gone." After that, it usually takes three different matatus (minibuses) for Gladys to get to Amani each morning.Somehow, Gladys found time to finish college "I give God all the glory as I managed it all and very soon I’ll be graduating!" she exclaims."My days are not always filled with delight and pleasure but I still take comfort in knowing that I have been given a gift, and the least I can do is spread joy," says Gladys. She describes the sweetest part of her day---coming home with her daughter---with a mother's tenderness. As soon as I get home, we hug and kiss, and the next thing, she will be in my bag to check on what I have brought her!"

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