Amani Watoto

The Amani Watoto (Children of Peace) Program, intends to instill in children the values of God's love and acceptance for one another, regardless of race or ethnic group. There is evidence of transformation in the lives of the women of Amani ya Juu from many ethnic groups in Africa. As progress has been made in rebuilding the lives of these women, the question continues to be asked: "What is being done to stop these vicious cycles of conflict in Africa?" That is how Amani Watoto began.
Amani Watoto program is held three times a year, during school vacations. In the months of April, August and December, children from various ethnic backgrounds learn to grow together through (teachings of the Bible stories, games, skits, crafts and puppet shows).They learn to serve as ambassadors of peace within their neighborhoods, schools and churches.Through enriching and fun activities, the youngest of hearts and minds experience that peace is possible despite many differences. Mothers facilitate by teaching and preparing hot meals. Older children, graduates of the program and other facilitators assist with games and other fun activities.
Pass the Peace Ball
Once a month, children with their parents visit with one another.The host family receives gifts and children are given the Peace Ball to play with other children in the neighbourhood while sharing the message of peace
Children being given Pass the Peace necklace by their mothers
At the age of 13, children graduate to the Amani Sasa Program ( for ages 14-16). During the graduation, they are normally being given Pass the Peace necklace which focuses on ways of promoting peace. The children find a friend and invite them to wear the necklace as a way of passing peace.
Beautiful faces of children during a recent Watoto camp
It's Quiz time
Employing a proactive strategy for peace can stem tribal conflicts and wars in Africa. The hope is that, through this program, future generations will enjoy a life of peace. 

Amani Watoto is coming to Burundi! Consider donating to this important program here.

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