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Forgiveness Serves

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Amani Liberia, photo credit Ashlee Gadd
Amani Liberia, photo credit Ashlee Gadd
Last month brought Easter, a time when many spend time reflecting on the topic of forgiveness. Izetta, a woman who works at Amani Liberia, has chosen to forgive others on several occasions, bringing her closer to God.In 1991, she fell in love with a man from Benin, a country near Liberia, married him, and became pregnant. “It was clear from the beginning that there were differences in terms of almost everything; culture, language, etc,” says Izetta. Nonetheless, she dutifully followed him back to his country. But she was harshly rejected by his family. “My crime? I was a foreigner. They couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he had married someone from another country and culture.”Izetta was essentially turned into a slave. “I had to do things (in Benin) that, back in Liberia, existed in the realm of the unthinkable.” Eventually Izetta had no choice but to return back to Liberia.Izetta began working at Amani several years ago, and she prays for her former tormentors at the center daily. During devotion, she learned to let go of the pain they had caused. “We all must realize forgiveness serves as spiritual nourishment for us.” Izetta may live in a place unlike your own but women all over the world share her story. When we remember how we are forgiven, the ladies of Amani ya Juu encourage you to forgive others in your heart and find peace through Christ.
Izetta learning to sew.
Izetta learning to sew.
fair trade African center
Izetta (center) with several members of the Amani Liberia family.

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