Meet Nancy at Amani Uganda


Nancy is the new (and first) Ministry Coordinator at Amani Uganda!

One of Nancy's most important roles is tutoring the Amani Uganda ladies in reading. This is not only a key skill for practical reasons, but it also allows them to read the Bible daily---allowing each woman to develop her faith on a personal level.

Nancy also sits down one-on-one with each woman to guide her in planning a devotion---a time when Amani ladies share testimony and read scripture with the group. This process is therapeutic to the ladies of Amani Uganda, who are all recovering from emotional and physical trauma inflicted during the long civil war. In addition, preparing and speaking in front of a group is a tremendous booster to the lady who gives the devotion!


Nancy, who is originally from Gulu, Uganda, previously worked at a church where she helped with trauma rehabilitation for women. She has brought a great deal of experience in ministry and in working with women who have lived in captivity.

Previously, Simprosa (Uganda Country Director) and Kevin (Amani Uganda Accountant) were the only ones working on this important discipleship with the ladies. This was difficult since they were both busy with running the center. Simprosa felt the ministry aspect of Amani Uganda needed more focus, so Nancy agreed to come on board and work in a discipleship role specifically for the women.

Welcome to the Amani Family, Nancy!

Want to support the women at Amani Uganda? You can donate (here) or shop (here) for their beautiful handmade items!

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