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Article: Fall Scarves That Tell a Story

Fall Scarves That Tell a Story

Fall Scarves That Tell a Story

 Scarves are always the perfect fall accessory

- but-

Amani ya Juu scarves tell a story!



Kerala Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf is handmade in Nairobi, Kenya by women working for a fair trade wage. Kerala, sometimes referred to in historical terms as Keralam, is a state in South India on the Malabar coast. Many Indians live in Nairobi, Kenya, and the two cultures are represented clearly in this beautiful scarf!



untitledJune-30-2015-24   untitledJune-30-2015-25

Keyhole Scarf

Over the years Amani has sought creative ways to support training for the marginalized women who come through her gate. We often work with small business owners in the Nairobi Maasai Market in Kenya. And the aluminum belt buckle that comes with the beautiful scarf was handmade by Gideon in the Maasai Market.



untitledMarch-17-2015-71  untitledMarch-17-2015-69

Maasai Infinity Scarf

This infinity is named for the traditional red plaid fabric of the mighty Maasai warrior in Africa.




Kikoy Triangle Scarf

Triangle Scarf do I have to say anymore, I mean it's so unique and one of a kind. It was handmade at Amani Kenya from kikoy fabric with kitenge detail and ties. Pair this with an awesome leather jacket or any jacket and you are good to go.


IMG_0817  IMG_0830

Loop Scarf

This scarf goes on forever in more ways than one. Its shape creates an everlasting circle, and its purchase creates a lasting impact for the women who created it. Hand dyed and sewn by Amani women in Kenya. It comes in a lot of more beautiful colors too!




African Sankofa Scarf

The meaning of “Sankofa” is looking back and walking forward. At Amani ya Juu, this word represents the courageous journey many women take from war-torn homes to their new life of wholeness and reconciliation. These fair trade scarves are hand-dyed by the women in our Kenya center. It comes in 7 different colors!





Kanga Scarf

This scarf knows no bounds. East African kangas are given to express love. The woman who receives a kanga finds many uses for it such as a tablecloth, a bed covering, as a wrap, a baby sling, and so much more!  Each colorful piece of fabric has a Kiswahili message. You will find the unique message on your kanga in Swahili and, along with a card featuring the same message in English. Such as:

Green/Gold – “If you see me quiet, know I still remember you.”



Red/Orange – “Keep yourself busy, idleness has no payment.”



Shop all Amani ya Juu Scarves at!

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