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Article: Lessons from the ropes with Amani Sasa

Lessons from the ropes with Amani Sasa

The youth of Amani Sasa are learning through experience about courage, perseverance, and peace.  And others are too! [caption id="attachment_175" align="alignright" width="299"]Ruth & Yayo hit the ropes! Ruth & Yayo hit the ropes![/caption] Ruth Deam works in the Amani Kenya office in Nairobi.  As with most women at Amani, she is also involved with Amani's outreach programs as part of sharing God’s peace.  She recently joined Amani Sasa (“Peace Now”) for a sleepover trip at Diguna outside of Nairobi.  Amani Sasa is  an extension of the Amani Watoto children’s camp which uses outdoor adventure treks to build relationships that impart the principles of peace to teenage children of Amani women.  At Diguna, the group caught up on happenings as an Amani Sasa family and enjoyed adventures on the ropes course.  She wrote the following reflection after her experience. One of the fun activities this time included a five-stage rope-climbing challenge. Foni was one of the first to volunteer for this particular activity.  Originally from Sudan, Foni is about 15 years old, and her mother is one of the four women who pioneered Amani. She nearly chickened out as she began the rope-climbing, but with encouragement she took the first step. By the time she finished the first stage, we didn’t think she would continue on to the second. But she did! [caption id="attachment_172" align="alignleft" width="231"]Jiji, another daughter of Lucy from Sudan Jiji, another daughter of Lucy from Sudan[/caption] Despite the fact that many of the young adults like Foni were scared, one facilitator rushed them along and did little to inspire their courage. But Foni didn’t listen to the discouragement.  She kept on and on and on, until we all clapped for her and the others for going all the way and doing such an outstanding job. In our journey, there are those to encourage us and those to discourage us.  But I know that God gives us the strength to take another step forward.  We can make it just like Foni. Yes, she had a lot of discouragement, but she didn’t quit.  She kept on and on until she finished and then started to cheer for others. We certainly face a lot of trials.  Sometimes we are not so sure what to think or do. When my husband passed away, I never thought I would make it this far.  I don't fully understand God’s way of doing things.  But I can stand and say that God has brought me this far.  And I know without a doubt that just as Foni was able to finish her rope-climbing, God is not about to abandon me now.  He will walk with us. During their excursion the Amani Sasa group played a bit, and then sat together to share how they were doing.  They shared a few good things for which they are thanking God, how they are practicing the lessons from Amani Sasa, and challenges faced during the last school term. Below are some of the thanksgivings: [caption id="attachment_173" align="alignright" width="277"]Beltra, nephew of Zed from Eritrea with Dennis, son of Josephine from Congo Beltra, nephew of Zed from Eritrea with Dennis, son of Josephine from Congo[/caption]
  • Well-being through the term in health & safety.
  • Beltra finished Form 4 (French school) successfully, passed exams, and improved her grades.
  • Yayo was selected in her school to be part of a conference called Justice for All Children.
  • Most of them are now prefects (leaders) in their schools.
  • Dennis and Diana Kate were part of National Music & Drama festivals this year.
We also shared about things we want to pray for:
  • To keep focused and strong as Christians and not fall to negative peer pressure.
  • That those who are prefects at school would be good leaders.
  • Good coordination and planning with their involvement in school activities.
  • Marline, Daniel, Etienne, Eunice, Jiji, Yayo, and Margaret are all candidates sitting for national exams in October.

It’s evident that these young ones are learning the importance of standing up for peace and growing in their faith.  Thank you for joining with the Amani family passing peace to these and many lives.

Amani Sasa is a special program of Amani ya Juu and funded by donations. You can ensure that Amani Sasa continues passing peace to these young leaders by donating online.

You can also help Amani remain self-sustaining with a purchase from our online shop.

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