A Reflection on Love

What does it mean to be loved at Amani ya Juu?
Dorcas portrait photo at amani kenya
Dorcas works in Amani's clothing department in Nairobi, Kenya. She has been transformed by the love of her Amani sisters.  These are her words of love found at Amani: At Amani, we have grown to love without caring that we don’t belong to the same community or even country.  I have learned to love across the board.  I have learned to love without asking, “Are these my people?” When I first came to Amani, I had many things hurting inside of my heart.  These hurt feelings came out in bad actions and words.  At Amani I was loved and embraced regardless.  The women received me.  They helped bring out the things that were hurting me.  I didn’t even realize they were bad.  They had become normal to me.  I have been able to release the pain through love. I have been changed inside and out.  Even my family can see it.  When someone loves you, love can change you.

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