It's Camp Time!!!

Pouring love and teachings into our children and youth in this fast paced and fast changing world requires intentional effort, time and willingness. At Amani, we are mindful of this every day, but we also pause a few times a year to focus on our children and youth and invest in them through our Amani Watoto (Children of Peace) and Amani Sasa (Peace Now) camps.

In this hurting region of Africa with overwhelming needs it is a wonderful gift to our children and youth to have time and space where they can play, sing songs, learn to make new crafts, share stories and celebrate diversity in order to be an effective Peacemaker

Amani ya Juu mothers, faithful Amani volunteers and staff in both Kenya and Uganda run the camps, contributing their unique skills of teaching, organizing, and cooking. Through this trans-generational interaction we continue to instill the values of community, friendship, love, spiritual harmony and peace.


Adam from Congo: "At Amani Watoto, I learn how to live a life without a conflict so that my children too can have peace."




Junior from Kenya: " I meet new friends and learn about unity with other children."    



What are some of your favorite summer camp memories? What activities helped you learn about friendship and peace?
Share below and click on the link below to help an future Amani Watoto and or Amani Sasa create theirs.


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