Celebrating Our Interns!

Amani InternsAmani has always been in awe of the amazing talent brought by our volunteers around the world. But today we want to especially celebrate the interns who help to enrich Amani’s programs, while also gaining important work experience for their future careers. They have shared with us some of their stories for why they chose Amani for their internship, and how God has blessed their journey thus far.
Jellique,  Resource Development at Amani Kenya
Started April 2016
“The first day I walked into Amani, they were playing one of my favorite Christian songs. At that moment I had so much peace and assurance that this was the place I was supposed to be. And then God brought it all into place. As I have worked with Becky Chinchen, the executive director, we have discovered my knack for fashion design. I have been having so much fun designing clothes, shopping, setting up things in the store and more. If I go out and help pick out a new fabric color, in 2 weeks I see that new product in the store. There is nothing better than that! I am so blown away by this internship experience.”  
Mallory,  Marketing and Sales Intern at Amani Chattanooga
Started May 2016
“I was attracted to Amani because I’ve always had a passion for fashion and merchandise, so then when I saw that they were supporting women and spreading the Christian message at the same time, it was drawn to it. The atmosphere and the way everyone works together is such an amazing work environment. It’s been such a good experience, and everyone has been so nice. I have been given real work experiences that will help me in my career, but also help me grow as a person.”  
Jon,  Marketing and Visual Design Intern at Amani Chattanooga
Started May 2016
“When I saw the African prints at my college’s job fair, it caught my eye because my dad is Nigerian and I grew up seeing those fabrics. It was a cool connection for me to see something that has been important to me personally, and see it coming to life here in America. The stuff I’m doing is really building off of what I’ve learned in school and what I’m interested in. It’s definitely a good experience. I am interested in clothing and fashion, so being at the warehouse, and watching all of the work behind the scenes gives me a better perspective and great work experience.”  
Jordan,  Resource Development Intern at Amani Chattanooga
Started November 2015
“I have been interning with Amani for 8 months now, and it has been such a tremendous experience. A highlight for me was my visit to Amani Kenya to procure content, stories, photos, interviews, and more. Before that trip I had seen so many photos and names of the women, but now they seem real to me, and the work that I do is put in that perspective. Every sale, every donor, every hour of labor goes to support a ministry that shows Jesus to families in Africa, and it is so worth it. I am in graduate school, and I am definitely looking towards a career in international development. I know that everything I have learned has been valuable, and I’m excited to see how God uses those skills to shape me professionally in the future."  
To learn more about internships at Amani, email chattanooga@amaniafrica.org

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