International Women's Day: Words of Honor for Every Woman

On International Women's Day, we take the opportunity to honor all the women of Amani. Each lady is an outstanding woman of perseverance, sacrifice, grace, and faith.

We asked four women to reflect on the significance of giving honor to the women around them and to themselves as women made in the image of God. 

Hellen described a woman of honor as one who is dependable and has integrity. "Women are the pillars of the family. They are oppressed in many ways but they are stronger...I should not look down on myself. I have to look ahead always because the Lord has good things for me. Psalm 23 verse 6." She feels it is important for all women to "come out & feel good about ourselves."


"Women lift one another. When women come together, good things happen, " says Emily, because women are caring and loving. She feels that God has given her the gift of wisdom, and it brings her joy when she can advise the people she loves. Her message to women around the world on International Women's Day is one of challenge: "Be strong. Care for your children well by teaching them the word of God. Work hard. Protect your house the way the Lord protects your soul."




When asked what she appreciates about herself that is unique and a gift to others, Delphine answered. "My smile which brighten other ladies! [Also] my stitching skills in quilt." We couldn't agree more! She also shared that she thinks humility is an important quality for a woman to possess, because society desperately needs more people like that. But that doesn't mean neglecting yourself, as she says that women "should love themselves, respect themselves and always put God first."


A woman of honor also has understanding and a pure heart, according to Dorothy, the last lady who shared with us. She loves that as a woman at Amani she can be creative by stitching beautiful dresses and can offer good counsel to others. She explained that it's important to embrace all women as women of honor on International Women's Day "because of the good that women do in the society, like good business, hard work, and providing food for the family."  Everyday she reminds herself to be faithful in her work and thanks God for his protection. 







"When she calls to me, I will answer her;
I will be with her in trouble;
I will rescue her and honor her.
With long life I will satisfy her and show her my salvation."
Psalm 91:15-16

Happy International Women's Day to all the women of Amani and around the world! May God bless you and honor you!











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