Dance for the Father's Love!

A huge part of being a family at Amani is walking with Amani mothers as they raise their kids. Every year Amani Kenya hosts the Amani Watoto Peace Camp for the kids of all the women as a time when we can focus on sharing God's peace with the next generation.

The kids are divided into 3 age groups: 
     Watoto, ages 5 - 8
     Zawadi, ages 9 - 13 
     Sasa, ages 14 - 17
There were 70 kids in all this year!

This year a focus on performance arts helped the kids connect with the theme "Our Father's Love." The kids learned a three part drama and dance narrative called “He Knows My Name.” Telling the story of God's love using the children's natural delight in music and dance proved to be a powerful way to communicate a greater sense of their new identity as one of God's own children.

Enjoy these great photos & a summary of what the kids (and grown-ups!) learned this year at camp! 

Part 1: Hurt

Shame and pain began at the curse from the Fall – separation from God – and have devastating effects on our self-worth, self-esteem, and dignity. All creation groans under this weight (Rom 8:22). In order for healing to happen, it's important for us all to identify and express our hurts, disappointments, and vulnerabilities.

Part 2: Identity
God desires that we live in wholeness, redeemed from the curse, free from the bondage of bitterness and anger. God knows my name! He cares about every little detail of my life even as a child (I John 3:1), and we can find God’s goodness and love in every circumstance.

Part 3: Confidence
Knowing God loves us so much enables us to walk into each day with confidence!  Though the obstacles in life are not removed they no longer discourage us, they do not steal our joy and peace (Jeremiah 29:11).  



Let's Keep Growing!

You can donate to Amani Watoto here to continue investing in the kids of

Amani ya Juu! 


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