Maggie shares her thoughts during Amani Kenya's Shut-Down

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Many of you know and love our Amani Kenya Gift Shop Hostess, Maggie!
She had a very encouraging perspective during Amani Kenya's shutdown—

How has Christ's peace helped you during this time that Amani has been closed?

"To trust in Him and believe in Him. He knows everything and he gives us victory in everything. He knows when and how this will end. He helps me to trust in Him because He is my provider. When I think I have lost everything, He is there for me. He doesn't leave us. He is always with us."

What do you miss most about Amani during this time of shut down?

"I miss the big hugs and smiles from the customers! So many people from all over the world - I miss them so much! I also miss my Amani family in Kenya." 

photo of maggie in amani kenya shop

What have you done to encourage others around you?

"I tell people God knows how this is going to end. Nothing can defeat God! I tell them we need always to trust in God."

What are you most thankful for?

"I am thankful for the Amani friends who have helped us and prayed for us."

What closing message would you like to give to your Amani friends around the world?

"Tell them I love them and I love them more than I can imagine! I appreciate the love they have for us at Amani. God loves each one of us. I am sending a big kiss and a big hug to them all!"

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