Every Day is Fair Trade Day at Amani ya Juu!

amani women sewing at their machines   Fair Trade Federation Logo

Since 2012, Amani ya Juu has been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation. As a social enterprise committed to empowering women through peace and reconciliation, Amani continues to strongly embed fair trade principles within our operations. For 20 years we have raised the bar to create a safe work environment, loving and cohesive community, a place to transform, above an average living wage, and new educational and professional opportunities There are many fair trade practices but nothing defines them better than the words and stories of our Amani women. Here are some of the ways Amani’s fair trade practices impact the women.



Fair Trade at Amani is: accommodating work schedules to the needs and realities of the women.

amani seamstress with her baby daughter portrait“When I have work to be stitched, I do at home because I don’t use money on transport, it makes me stay in my house and make money in my house and also avoid problems with my neighbors. Even my younger baby, I stay with her not worrying who to leave her with just like that.”  ~ Eugene and baby - Rwanda

Fair trade at Amani is: earning a living wage that enables women to provide health care, education and a safe living environment for their families.

amani seamstress ironing material"With the income I receive, I pay house rent, school fees, buy food and divide according to what I get." ~ Chanel - Rwanda

Fair trade at Amani is: valuing local cultures and traditions, incorporating them into the philosophy and social environment of Amani.

“When we were growing up as children, most of the times we loved to share food. And here, when someone has mandazi or chapati or roasted maize, we share, you pinch a small piece of mandazi or maize and you drink with your tea or eat just like that. It reminds me how we used to share back at home. Also, we have a prayer day at Amani.” ~ Chantel - Rwanda

Fair trade at Amani is: using local materials to support the local economy and bring global appreciation of African art.

Amani seamstress rolling batik material“I feel good when I see our Amani products made from African fabrics. They look good. They are beautiful. I admire them. And you feel like buying more, not just one. I feel good because our market for materials are promoted and this brings development. The products look good and this helps to show how good our culture is.” Monica - Kenya

In celebration of #FairTradeDay, we invite you empower women and their families, shop Amani and spread peace.

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