Ebola Outbreak: A Message from our Founder

A message from our Executive Director and Founder, Becky Chinchen, regarding the Ebola outbreak:

Thank you to all Amani friends and supporters who have been praying for our members at the Amani Liberia center. We continue to thank the Lord that they have all been protected from the Ebola virus and live in an Ebola free town.

Please continue to pray for the Amani Liberia members as they take precautions, that they will be wise and disciplined in health and safety practices. Also pray that they will have a deep sense of God’s presence and love for them, that they will see His faithfulness and goodness even in a time of crisis. Pray for the country as a whole as they go through a grieving process. There is probably not one who has not been impacted by the loss of family member or friend.

There are food shortages now in the country because of enforced quarantine of communities by the government in order to bring the spread of the virus under control. This has brought travel and trade within the country to a halt. People are beginning to run out of food. Pray that food aid will reach these remote communities soon.

Thank you for standing in the gap with us as we lift up in prayer the people of Liberia.

Becky Chinchen
Executive Director

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