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Article: Words of Encouragement: Burundi to Liberia

Words of Encouragement: Burundi to Liberia

Words of Encouragement: Burundi to Liberia

Last week, our Amahoro Burundi sisters shared words and prayers of encouragement to the  Amani Liberia family. They want to share with the Amani extended family as well.
 Just a few faces of Amahoro Burundi!
Just a few faces of Amahoro Burundi
Dear Amani Liberia,
Please know that people all over the world are praying with you. This week, Amahoro Burundi is filled with prayers for the situation in West Africa and specifically for the Amani community in Liberia. Here are some encouragements for the women (and men) of Amani Liberia from the women (and men) of Amahoro Burundi. First is the encouragement in Kirundi followed by a translation to English and their name.
1. Indirimbo 91: Gitandara c’Imana reka nguhungireko
Kirundi song number 91: Rock of ages
- Lydia
2. Songs 159; Nezerewe ko Yesu ankunda naho ntabikwiye
Kirundi Hymn 159 I am happy because Jesus loves me even if I am unworthy.
- Nyota
3. Mwihangane ikora ibibtangaza bagatangara yoyo ntitangara yitwa
gitangaza kandi n’inyuma ya zero irakora.
Be persevering people. God of miracles is your God. His Name is
miracle. He works with minus (beyond human senses).
- Dorcella
4. Kirundi Hymn book number 49 Ugusenga kuramfasha; 33 Ntundengane mukiza
we. Do not pass me by.
- Joyeuse
5. Yobu 42: 1-3: Yobu yahuye n’ivyago vyinshi abiwe bamuherako. Namwe
mwihangane Imana izobatabara.
Job went through many plagues. He lost all his family and belongings.
Do not loose heart God is with you.
- Joselyne
6. Yosuwa 1:1
Read Joshua 1:1, Be strong and very courageous.
- Cesarie & Renilde
7. Bene Data mwihangane Imana niyo Nkuru. Bene Data Humura Imana niyo
mutabazi. Yesu niwe mukiza. Soma Mariko 3:7-12; Luka 6:17-19
Brethren, do not loose heart God is with you. He will rescue you. He is
the savior. Read Mark 3:7-12; Luc 6:17-19
- Abraham
8. Mwihangane cane mugwize gusenga twatura icaha n’igisa naco. Mwihangane
nka Yobu. Yesu abagirire neza.
Keep your eyes upon God. Avoid sin and every thing similar like Job.
May Jesus helps you.
- Carine
9. Yosuwa 1:5b, Nkuko nabanya na Mose niko nzobana namwe. Sinzobahemukira
sinzobata. Shikama musire amanga Uhoraho ari kumwe namwe. Ndabasengera
mbabaranye namwe, ndirana namwe kandi ndabakunda. Soma  kandi Zaburi
Joshua 1:5b. As I was with Moses, I will be with you. I will not leave
you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous God is with you. I pray
and feel the way you feel. I weep with you; I love you. Read again Ps
- Goreth
10. Imana niyo muganga akiza icago. God is the doctor of doctors. He is in
control. Your help comes from the Lord. Ps. 121:1-8
- Evariste
May God bless you and keep you in His peace,
Amahoro Burundi (Amahoro ava Mw’Ijuru)
womens sewing group
Goreth (Burundi Country Director) and Evariste, her husband
Stitching at Amahoro

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