Amani Liberia Roofing Team!

Liberia Team
Our own Amani volunteer team of 5 men, led by Pete Vaughn, have touched down in Liberia today! This is our first trip back after the Ebola crisis. Please keep them in your prayers — they will be there for 10 days to re-roof the center. There are a lot of unknowns, obstacles, difficulties ahead but we know God is going before them. These are some of the miracles already:  
  • A Samaritans Purse plane has been provided to fly the team up from Monrovia to Yekepa which will  give them 2 extra working days.
  • Roofing supplies have made it to Yekepa on a 20ft truck traveling over rough, sometimes impassable, roads.
  • Accommodations have been provided free in a local guest house in Yekepa as a gift to Amani, to bring  her back.  
  • The right team came together for the job,  2 of the 5 men have their own roofing companies.
Join us as we pray for them.
  • Pray that the team stays healthy — they are going into the tropical jungles of West Africa where there is malaria, parasites and poisonous snakes. 
  • Pray against the evil one, He does not want peace and healing to come to the people of Liberia
  • Pray that the team will accomplish the mission they have set out to do of replacing the roof.  
  • Pray that the team's presence will be a shining light of God’s love to the people of Yekepa and Liberia as a whole.
Follow them on twitter. They will try to give us daily updates if the internet works.   We are grateful to them for going and thankful for you as you support them in prayer.
Becky Chinchen Executive Director


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