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Article: Amani Liberia Roofing Team Update #1

Amani Liberia Roofing Team Update #1

Amani Liberia Roofing Team Update #1

Dec 5, 2015  Update #1 
Update from our 5 member roofing team:
Pete Vaughn (team leader)
Kyle Mullinax
Jeremy Armao
Ethan Pettit
Lewis Reid

Dec 3
0300 hrs team arrives in Monrovia.
Stayed in Trinity  guesthouse only a few meters from where many of the Ebola patients were treated at ELWA.  While at the guest house they ran into Dr. Rick Sacra, the doctor who miraculously survived Ebola and was featured all over world media.  He is now back working at ELWA hospital again.

Dec 4
1000 hrs - Team flies up to Yekepa in a 9-seater Cessna, single prop.
The plane was big enough to carry all their supplies, food (frozen chicken), bottled water, equipment, and materials.   They landed in other towns before their final stop in Yekepa.  Each airstrip got progressively smaller.  Yekepa was the shortest, gravel strip, carved out of the tall grass.
1400 hrs  Team arrives in Yekepa
At the end of the runway were 2 people:  Laytopoe, old friend of Vaughns, and Prince Dahn, husband of the Amani Acting Country Director and driver of the Nissan truck.  All 8 of them piled into the Nissan, sitting on top of each other — hilarious!
First impressions by the team.
Yekepa.   "the people are so friendly, welcoming, they like having us here — and it feels safe"
Accommodations.   “There is cold air conditioning, the buildings are tight, no bugs, we expected it to be more like camping"

Dec 5
0700 hrs Devotions the first morning.
Pastor Mullinax of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga put together devotionals for each morning.
1st morning  Eph 2:8-10 — “For it is by grace you have been saved…for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  God chose us by grace not just to save us but also to do good works.  It is not up to us to decide what we should do for Him, He has the work all lined up for us to do.  We are just thankful that God, in His grace, has chosen us to do this job.
Team sang:  “Amazing grace”.

Team’s thoughts about the work.
  • It’s a big building — 50 feet x 125 feet-- to reroof in a week considering the remote location.
  • Upon arrival  on job site assessed all materials and tools to do the job.  Nothing was missing. The project was well planned, no Home Depot around the corner.
  • The team was amazed all materials including , 100 sheets of 25 ft long aluminum roofing,  100  2x4  -- dried, planed, jointed and treated — were there waiting for them.
  • Got 1/4 of the old roof off in a matter of a few hours.
  • Everyone is optimistic.
  • Ran into a few snags but figured it out.
  • Not much talking on the work site, all business.
  • Two experienced Liberian construction guys are working with the team:  Kidor and Chris Mendin.  They jumped right in having had experience working with construction teams from the USA.
Giving God thanks for His goodness and going before the team in their planning and preparation.  12313802_10208172048802940_7958982678581288515_n.jpg

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