A clear, sure word of hope

Easter comes this Sunday, as the historical resurrection did, amidst the dailyness of life in all its uncertainty, busyness, joy, and sorrow. The resurrection speaks a clear, sure word of hope into our darkness.
At Amani, we celebrate Easter’s hope, even as we come face to face with all that is not right in our lives, families, communities, and world. We sing “Alleluia!” for the hope we have now and the hope of all that is to come.

Let us sing alleluia here on earth, so that one day we may sing it in heaven.

God’s praises are sung both there and here.

But here they are sung in anxiety, there in security.

Here they are sung in hope, there in hope's fulfillment;

here they are sung by wayfarers, there by those living in their own country.

So then let us sing now[...]in order to lighten our labors.

Sing as wayfarers do sing, but continue your journey.

Sing then, but keep going.

- St. Augustine

May you know the joy of resurrection and sing songs of hope. Happy Easter from the Amani family! [caption id="attachment_440" align="aligncenter" width="342"]Dance Hope gives the women at Amani the joy and courage to dance.[/caption]

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