Thanksgivings from Lucy's Family

It is with much joy that we bring you news of Lucy’s husband, Isaac! A few weeks ago we wrote asking for prayer when we learned that Lucy’s husband, Isaac, had disappeared. We waited for a message from him, often fearing the worst. We just received word from Lucy giving us more details. Now we are able to rejoice with Lucy and her family knowing that Isaac is alive and will be returning to their family soon. Here is the message we received from Lucy: “We spent an entire month without knowing where he was. Isaac had gone to Juba to claim his unpaid salary from over a year ago and a disagreement arose between him and his employer. Through some suspect dealings between his former employer and the police, Isaac was held in police custody and kept from contacting us. He is still in Juba but not in the police custody. Now he is looking for a lawyer to help him get the money he is owed. He will definitely come back to Kenya to be with our family. Knowing that he is alive was the greatest Easter Sunday gift for us. Continue to pray for his safety and for justice.” As she says, we need to continue to pray for justice and peace for their family and for the people of Southern Sudan. Thank you so much for your concern and your prayers!

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