2023 Updates from Amani Kenya!

For those of us in the United States, it is easy for us to feel distanced from our amazing Amani family in Kenya and Uganda. How great it would be able to greet our friends in chapel or to sit down to a cup of chai in the Garden Cafe! Luckily we have recently received an update from them that shares photos, songs, and inspiring news from Amani ya Juu!
  • The Design Team along with the Shosho Team (meaning "Grandma" in Kikuyu) from the US, led by Ali, have introduced not only a new color palette but also many new products which will enable Amani to welcome more women to the centers bringing hope and transformation through the gospel.  The Amani women enjoyed being with the four Shoshos, listening to their wisdom and learning new patterns, drafting and quilting skills from them.
  •  Nothing is more beautiful than the voices of the Amani women so we have started a small choir to bless us during some of our prayer times every morning.  One of the songs they sing is the “Prayer of Blessing” (the Benediction).  Hearing their voices in two part harmony expressing God's blessings is balm to the soul.
  • We are receiving more tour groups on Safari in Kenya from around the world -- recently from Argentina, Norway, UK and Germany.  May they experience the peace of Christ while among us.
  • We are thankful for our new Human Resource manager, Brenda, who navigates well her HR role with mentoring, speaking truth into the lives of the Amani women.
  • The Livingstone Cafe, at the Amani Center in Chattanooga, has just opened her doors.  Customers can now enjoy cappuccinos and pastries (soon to follow -- soups and sandwiches) in an environment of peace and inspirational stories of the Amani women. See photos and even order online at the cafe's website! The Livingstone at Amani ya Juu (thelivingstonecafe.org)
  • Please pray for Virginia, a 22-year-old mother of 4 children, now working at Amani as a cleaner.  From her earnings, she was able to move out of her mom's place and rent a one room dwelling in the slums.  Two weeks ago she came to Amani at her breaking point.  She poured out her heart describing her living conditions.  She said she and her children were all sleeping on the floor because they had no bed or mattress.  Sometimes she would go hungry so her children would have something to eat.  Immediately, Amani responded by assisting her with essentials of beds, mattresses, floor mat, cookware and food items through the Emergency Fund.  Pray for the ministry team as they walk alongside and pray with Virginia as a young woman trying to get on a good track with her life.

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