We Are Celebrating 20 Years!

Amani ya Juu is peace from above, women empowerment, and the art of sewing - sewing fabrics, vibrant patterns, and seams. When pieces come together the possibilities are endless.

The hallmark of Amani is the uniqueness of each one-of-a-kind product, crafted with love, precision and dedication while extraordinary lives blossom -- the fusion of peace, women, and sewing.


This has been our narrative for 20 years!  Amani ya Juu’s sinuous journey has brought her to an important seam in her story.  We are celebrating 20 years of beautiful products and beautiful hearts.  Through the constant convergence of stories, life, and sewing we have seen the seams of our entrepreneurial garment come together.  What a gift it is when we arrive at a milestone and can look back.   As we recount the past two decades, we marvel at God’s grace and guidance in developing and expanding Amani. Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude! Join us in celebrating Amani ya Juu and be a part of our evolving story!  

"Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who give you power to be successful."
Deutoronomy 8:18

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