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faith freedom Inspiration Thoughts

Freedom is not a constant as some believe nor a present reality for many communities and countries. While freedom is enjoyed by some, freedom is a distant hope for others.

We live in a world where devastating social forms of bondage are rampant - modern day slavery, abductions, occupations, terrorism, and wars. While we strive to rid ourselves of the evil around us, the harsh reality is that this bondage is a part of the fallen world we live in --  because we are fallen.

The question was asked of G. K. Chesterton “What is wrong with this world?” He replied, “I am.”   All the wars and the problems in our world today begin with me.  We all have our own bondage that enslaves us - our fears, compulsions, and addictions.

Jesus came to set us free -- a freedom that can change us and our world.

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