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We Are Asked to Forgive

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Beatrice, of Western Kenya, was raised in a polygamous family. She was the 6th child born to her mother, and was bright enough to study in Uganda, where her uncle was a teacher. After the civil war broke out in Uganda, the two returned to Kenya where she continued her studies. “I met this handsome man and fell in love, and we got married soon after.”
 Beatrice and Junior, son of an Amani sister
Beatrice and Junior, son of an Amani sister
Things didn’t work out and they were separated a few years later. “I was very bitter because of some of the things that led to this separation.” A few years later she found the love and forgiveness of Christ. She began living with her cousin and his wife who mentored her in her faith. “They are wonderful people who love the Lord.” It was then that Beatrice was introduced to Amani ya Juu in Nairobi, where she heard teachings and testimonies about God’s peace from the other ladies. “By then, I heard my husband was looking for me, but I couldn’t imagine going back to him because of what he had done.” But as she studied God’s Truth, her heart started to change. She began to pray that they would meet. “One day, I heard someone call me by my tribal name, and when I turned back, I found it was him.” When they met, she held nothing back. “I poured my heart out to him, and he cried. After a long discussion, we agreed to each go and pray and see what will happen next.” Both prayed, sought counsel, talked with mentors and chose to give their relationship another try on Easter of 2007. “I forgave him because we are asked to forgive, and unless we forgive, we can’t be forgiven. It was difficult but God gave me the grace. If you haven’t forgiven someone, it’s difficult, but once you do, you have peace. I thank God for Amani for helping me to reconcile with my husband."
Beatrice at the quilting machine
Beatrice at the quilting machine
Beatrice may live in a place unlike your own, but women all over the world share her story. This Easter season, when we remember how we are forgiven, the ladies of Amani ya Juu encourage you to forgive others in your heart and seek peace from above.

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