Tragedy in Burundi: Update

Burundi is struggling to recover from a market fire that took place on January 27th. Here's an update  from our Amani ya Juu Country Director, Goreth, about how Amani Amahoro is affected by this devastating event.

Food products, manufactured goods, beverages, clothing, construction materials, and equipment sold at the market generated about $4 million per day. "We have 42 women at our center, but some most come one day and some must come the next day because there is not enough work for all of them. There are 12 here today." says Country Director Goreth, who's husband, Evariste translated for the interview. A lack of materials means less work for the women at the center. According to the couple, it will be 5-6 months before the market, which was the center of the nation's economy, will be usable again.  "Amahoro will face tough times,"  said Goreth in an email to Amani ya Juu staff the day after the fire.  "This  market is where we buy all kintenge, fabric, batik, lining, threads, needles and all other necessary items for stitching." Her prediction has proven true. Amani Amahoro provides jobs to women who are often the only source of income for their family. Income from Amani Amohoro feeds families and helps pay for school. Goreth explained the background of many of the women at Amahoro: "These women who work at Amahoro have 3-4 kids and they are not able to educate them all. Most of the children are fatherless because the mothers have been rejected; the father left. Some of the women have these children because they have been violated." But peace continues to live in Burundi, and the center continues working despite a shortage of materials, which they now buy from neighboring Congo. "We are trying to make different products to ship. The women are fine."  [caption id="attachment_2546" align="aligncenter" width="336"]Evariste and Goreth Evariste and Goreth[/caption]
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