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Article: The Amani Girls Club

The Amani Girls Club

The Amani Girls Club breaks the destructive cycle which hinders a Liberian girl and her success in life. The Amani Girls Club, an initiative of Amani Liberia, is a weekly after school program in Yekepa, Liberia that encourages school girls ages 8-11 to stay in school. [caption id="attachment_2746" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Amani Girls Club of Liberia Amani Girls Club of Liberia[/caption] Many young girls in Liberia face pressure to engage in prostitution or enter into early marriage to support their families financially. This means many girls drop out of school before 6th grade with little chance of ever completing their education. The Amani Girls Club strives to keep girls in school by providing a safe place where they can learn life skills. Mentors lead them in discussions and activities that build self worth, draw out their God given talents, and fill them with confidence and optimism about the future. Keep a girl in school by purchasing an Amani School Doll. This doll comes outfitted in a school uniform with a backpack to match, stitched with love and care by Amani Liberia tailors and seamstresses. [caption id="attachment_2747" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Amani Girls Club of Liberia Amani Girls Club of Liberia[/caption] Each doll purchased will be given to one of the 155 girls in the Amani Girls Club. She will also receive the name of the friend (you, the donor) who believes she can defy the odds to pursue her education. [caption id="attachment_2748" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Amani Girls Club of Liberia Amani Girls Club of Liberia[/caption]

To purchase a doll, click this link.

To visit Amani Liberia's blog, visit

To make a donation to Amani Liberia as a whole, click this link.

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Growing up in Yekepa, I used to attend the Amani girls club and it really helped me. I am currently writing my thesis on girls’ education in Yekepa. So I was searching on the internet for resources on education in Liberia and Yekepa and I stumbled here. I am so happy to see this blog and to read the story of Ma. Laedopo. All thanks to the leaders of Amani for the initiative to help girls in yekepa and I am proud to a product of the club. All the teachings and efforts from you guys was not in vain. I am a living proof.

Thank you and God bless you!

Corrie Bryant

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