Sandra from Uganda

Sandra from Uganda

The Story Behind Original Patch

Over the years, many Amani friends have remarked that they often think of Sandra from Uganda, the woman whose name appears on many of the items from the Original Patch line. Sandra was an Amani trainee who distinguished herself as a business woman. She now operates her own business as an extension of Amani, producing the Original Patch Collection. This is the story of how her business came to be. We hope you enjoy learning more about one of Amani’s most popular collections of products! In 1997, a friend showed Sandra how to sew patchwork items. Shortly after she learned to sew, Sandra joined Amani ya Juu. While at Amani, she expressed a desire to have her own business, so Amani helped her develop the Original Patch Collection. She managed the production of the line, and Amani gave her business by buying these items from her. In the beginning she worked alone, but as Amani grew, she began hiring women to work with her. Now Sandra employs ten women -- eight Kenyans and two Ugandans. They work together in her home as a small outpost for Amani. The partnership has worked out so well that she is hoping to find a bigger space for them to work. Sandra continues to follow the Amani model. In the morning, the women at her workshop take turns reading the Bible. Sandra says that if they don’t pray, then they are trying to do things on their own. She wants them to be completely dependent on God, to always remember that it is God who provides everything. If they don’t pray, they are doing their work out of their own strength. She is also very intentional about making sure that God is first in everything she does. Sandra exemplifies the resourceful leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that Amani seeks to engender. Through her business, she passes God’s peace to 10 women in her home community, teaching them how to sew and lifting all of their work up to the Lord.

To celebrate Sandra's amazing work, we are giving away a free Original Patch Envelope Clutch with the purchase of every Large Tote in Original Patch.  Offer valid while supplies last.

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