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Peanut Brittle Recipe

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Esther at Amani Liberia uses her Amani money to buy materials for peanut brittle, then sells them in her community all week in a plastic bucket! Check out our favorite Peanut Brittle recipe here!

[caption id="attachment_3560" align="aligncenter" width="530"]baking with amani ya juu Confession: we found this image on Every time we make our own peanut brittle, it goes too quickly for photographs, so we had to borrow her photo of a very similar recipe.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3557" align="aligncenter" width="560"]amani liberia Esther on her back porch making "ground pea" (peanut) candy! She does this every Sunday after church.[/caption]

Our favorite Peanut Brittle Recipe:

vegetable oil spray 2 cups sugar 4 ounces (1 stick) unsalted butter 1/3 cup light corn syrup 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 1/2 tbsp salt 12 ounces dry roasted, salted peanuts (do not chop)

* we obviously recommend fair trade for all ingredients when possible! Try your local health food store or Whole Foods!


1) Spray a baking sheet lightly with vegetable oil. Add the sugar, butter, corn syrup and 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp water to a large saucepan, and stir together until all of the sugar is wet.

2) Cook over high heat until the mixture turns a medium golden.

3) Immediately remove from the heat, and carefully whisk in the baking soda followed by the salt (taking care, as the caramel will rise in the pan and bubble). 4) Switch to a wooden or metal spoon, and fold in the peanuts. Quickly pour the mixture onto the sheet pan, and spread it out over the pan using the back of the spoon before it starts to harden (it may not cover the whole pan). 5) Once the brittle is completely cool, break it into bite sized pieces with a blunt object.

We found this recipe at It has been thoroughly tested and approved by Amani staff!

[caption id="attachment_3556" align="aligncenter" width="560"]amani ya juu liberia africa Esther working at Amani Liberia.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3561" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Whether you have some treats to bake or you know someone who does this hot pad set will make the baking process a lot more festive. Whether you have some treats to bake or you know someone who does this hot pad set will make the baking process a lot more festive.[/caption]

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