Lillian and the Goats

goat1Lillian is one of our most valued employees in Uganda and she is a survivor. Like many of us, her life has been full of trials and tribulations.

By the age of 35, Amono Lillian had endured an abduction, 8 years of captivity, and is now the single parent of 3 children. In order to provide for her family, she cleans homes, tends gardens, and does laundry in the morning, all before coming to Amani in the afternoon.

However, she is joyfully celebrating this Christmas season after receiving a gift of two goats from generous donors to Amani. She has begun the process of starting a small goat farming business by breeding her two goats, which she believes can grow to fund her children’s school fees, medication, food, clothes, and eventually buy a small plot of land where she can build her own home. For her, these goats are a symbol of hope, and she is thankful for the generosity from donors that helps to make her future bright.

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