International Day of Peace

Amani Uganda center finally purchased their own property!

John and Simprosa Okot, Directors of Amani Uganda, were refugees in Nairobi many years ago, unable to return to their home in Uganda during the days of the brutal dictator Idi Amin. While at Amani Kenya, Simprosa’s skills as a seamstress improved and her leadership gifts began to blossom. When peace was restored in Uganda, John and Simprosa decided to return to their country and establish an Amani center. The Center has grown to over 30 women. Some of them, captured many years ago by rebel forces to serve as wives, have been restored and rehabilitated through God’s healing peace.

We give thanks to God for His provision for Amani Uganda through the gifts of Amani friends. As God provides, they plan to build their own facility in the future.

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