Fashions for Freedom in Review

Last month, Amani was deeply blessed to partner with two churches in Michigan to put on Fashions for Freedom, an adaptation of the Liberia Sankofa Fashion Show.

The tale they told is familiar to many African women, particularly in places like Liberia, where civil war has left devastation in its wake. Now, many years later, the journey of restoration continues.

Through narrative, dance, song, and fashion they shared a story of hope. Three acts -- Separation, Transformation, and Celebration -- bring to life the experiences of Liberian women who have walked through pain, healing, growth, and restoration. The garments, created by Liberian designer Korto Momolu, represent this journey.


Sankofa, the inspiration behind the fashion show, is a West African word that captures the act of "looking back, moving forward." Without forgetting where we come from and what we experience, we can look toward the future and hope for newness.

Over 400 people participated in the event. They came to hear a story, and were powerfully moved to support the women of Amani by buying Amani designs and donating to the scholarship fund for Liberian women.

Thank you to Cornerstone Church, New Hope Church, and the many individuals who gave of their time, talents, and energy to share the story of Amani and the hope of transformation.

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