An Update on Rahab

 Elizabeth and Rahab, Mother and daughter!
For the last year, Rahab of Nairobi, Kenya has been fighting breast cancer. 
 You might remember her  2013 story of heartbreak, triumph, and her jewelry business. Last month she finished chemotherapy and will soon begin radiation. Check out a few highlights from our recent interview with Rahab.
On Faith: "My thoughts of God are very different since chemo treatment. I realize how much He loves me and how much people love me. There is a reason why things happen. I passed through this to give others strength."
Rahab at work on her beads!
Rahab at work on her beads!
On Work:
“I’m excited to get back to work, to create new designs. I love to work,  it was hard when I didn’t have any energy to make jewelry during my chemo treatment. I was always tired.  I just had to depend on others to help me get through.  While it was hard living on one income my husband provided faithfully through his 2nd hand clothing business.
On Family:
"I'm excited about devoting more time to the family. I hope to get back to normal life after being sick all the time, couldn’t do much of anything around the house and had to depend on my husband, children, and family members.  I feel great! I feel normal. I am not sick or getting tired quickly.  I want to be able to go to the market and do shopping for the family."
On the Future: “Encouraging others is how I have come to use my experience. I see so many coming to the hospital with cancer...(just) as the Amani family was there for me, counseling is something I can do for others.”
Rahab is a survivor of breast cancer. Cancer is on the rise in Kenya. Rahab found that she was not alone in the increasing numbers of those who find themselves as cancer victims in this part of the world. She was one of the hundreds facing the odds of surviving breast cancer just 10 months ago. Rahab went through chemo with courage and determination. As a woman facing breast cancer in Kenya, she decided early on that she would not let this define who she was as a woman but rather her faith and courage.
Rahab made a surprise visit to Amani last week, glowing and happy for where God had brought her on her journey. She proudly brought a bag of her handmade jewelry, the 1st jewelry delivery in 6 months, happy to be in business again. Amani immediately bought all she had knowing that the Amani family would 100% want to support her on her journey of healing. Check out Rahab's bracelets and buy one or two for yourself or a friend as a way of standing with her in her courage and healing.
Rahab starts radiation treatment in a couple of weeks. It will last for 16 – 25 days, every day. She feels ready for it.

How can you help? 

1) Pray. Rahab begins radiation next week. She feels ready for it but would love your prayers for strength.
2) Donate. Donors have assisting in Rahab's treatment. Even if her journey with cancer is nearing it's end, other Amani women have similar needs. Gifts to the Emergency Fund provide support for basic needs in unexpected crisis.
3) Shop. Stand with Rahab---support her business!
  Metallic & Turquoise Bracelets
Bottle Bead Brass Bracelets           Metallic & Turquoise Bracelets

 Shop Rahab's jewelry now!

II Corinthians 1:3 & 4   “…the Father of all compassion… comforts us in all of our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves received from God.”

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