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Article: Ambassadors for Peace

Ambassadors for Peace

Ambassadors for Peace

"I jumped at the chance to be an Amani volunteer because I was so impressed with the products as well as the message that peace with God empowers peace and reconciliation with each other."  ~  Marilyn Kriss, Ambassador of the Year

More than volunteers...

For 20 years, committed Amani ya Juu volunteers have spread peace by selling Amani products in their homes and communities. Their efforts have ensured that the Amani ladies can thrive and grow through their work. More than volunteers, they are ambassadors for peace. 

To honor their role in the mission and sustainability of Amani ya Juu, we are unveiling...


a renaming and renewing of our volunteer box party program

Interested in becoming an Amani Ambassador? Find out more here!

Amani Ambassador of the Year for 2016:

Marilyn Kriss


Marilyn Kriss, from Albany, NY, is married and the mother of six, with a passion for working and praying toward the end of modern-day slavery, mentoring refugees, and selling Fair Trade products. She hosted her first box party in 2008 after her daughter volunteered for Amani. Marilyn graciously let us interview her about her experience as an Amani Ambassador.
What is it about Amani that inspires you to keep hosting Box Parties? 
It's the women of Amani who inspire me to keep representing them as often as I can.  I am deeply touched by their stories and feel honored to partner with women of such courage, faith and generosity.  When I'm selling their products, I feel I'm working alongside my sisters and wish they could see the joy and excitement of the shoppers who buy the things they make.  They feel  a special connection with the woman whose name is on the tag.
Do you have any tips for rookie Ambassadors hosting their first Box Party?
I'd encourage anyone who loves the Amani story and products to take the next step and share them with your community.  Besides home parties, think of places where people congregate like conferences, retreats, school events and festivals.  Lyndsay in Chattanooga will answer all your questions and make the process a smooth one.
What would you say to someone who is hesitant to host a Box Party?
The excitement begins when a box arrives on your doorstep and you get to find out what a great assortment of products you'll be offering.  There's  always so much in there to delight you, including some fun new products.  Your creativity comes into play as you find ways to display the products . . . With a story so compelling and products so exquisite, the selling is easy.   And the joy of having a part in the growth and success of women at the Amani centers, while giving shoppers a sense of connection with them, far outweighs any effort expended.
What is your favorite scripture verse?
Proverbs 31:25  is my picture of the women of Amani... "Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future." 
Thank you, Marilyn, and all our Amani Ambassadors!

If you're interested in learning more or becoming at Amani Ambassador,

click here!

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