Amani's US Safari: A message from Joyce Muraya

The following is a letter written by Joyce Muraya, Amani Kenya's Country Director, after the recent trip five Amani Kenya women took to the United States. View these pictures to learn more about the group's time in the US.  Dear Friends, It's just over a month since we got back to Nairobi. On the Friday after we returned, each member of the team that traveled to the United States had an opportunity to share about our trip to the Amani women who sent us. [caption id="attachment_1097" align="aligncenter" width="500"] A few of the ladies on the team sharing at a gathering in Virginia[/caption] Elizabeth gave a hilarious description of her many firsts: her first security check, her first escalator ride, and her first plane ride. But she spoke most vividly about the loving care and hospitality we receive while we were in the US. The whole team was deeply moved, and we have been inspired to grow in the gift of hospitality. Jerita spoke about the ministry at Hope and our purpose in going. Amani was invited to present the message of peace. We are grateful for the opportunity to bear witness to the fact that peace is found and nurtured in sisterhood. The blessings of our partnerships were described by Trizah. She encouraged us to constantly remember to be grateful to God for our friendships and to never take such gifts for granted. Finally, Bella shared about being at AmaniDC. In witnessing their daily activities -- morning prayer, planning meetings, home visits, and meals -- we found joy in knowing that these practices may not be unique, but together they form the threads that are woven into the rich fabric that is life at Amani ya Juu. [caption id="attachment_1085" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Joyce chatting with a new supporter[/caption] What have I taken away from this visit? A deeper understanding of the fellowship to which we are called. With the women of Hope we were reminded that women are the same everywhere. This journey strengthened and affirmed our sisterhood in ministry. Through the opportunity to share our individual stories and the story of Amani, we were reminded of the infinite worth we have in God’s kingdom as individuals and as an organization. We are so thankful to Hope’s Women's Ministry leadership for the great personal and church-wide sacrifice that made it possible for us to go and minister there. We also cemented our deep and loving friendship with Redland Baptist Church in Rockville, MD. They have been an expression of God's love to us through faithful support in prayer, presence, and participation in our lives both at the individual and corporate level. [caption id="attachment_1091" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Amani Kenya ladies reconnecting with old friends[/caption] And the time at Amani DC confirmed our sisterhood. We are one. We are sisters with the same goal to pass God's peace. I experienced a deeper understanding and connection to them as we worked alongside each other. We pray that though they are far away from all the women whom they serve so faithfully, they will constantly know that they are loved and appreciated. Finally, I was richly blessed by the sisterhood of the ladies I had the honor of traveling with: Elizabeth, the wise and insightful; Jerita, the prayerful worshiper; Trizah, the practical and faithful; and Bella, the generous and thoughtful support to the team. I praise God for choosing these particular women for this trip. [caption id="attachment_1096" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Amani Kenya team, left to right: Joyce, Elizabeth, Trizah, Jerita, and Bella[/caption] This visit was an amazing time of friendship and partnership. I hope this message captures the experience. May the Lord continue to hold you in His mighty grip, Joyce Muraya Kenya Country Director Amani ya Juu

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