Amani Sasa Camp Update

This April Amani had the Amani Sasa "Peace Now" Youth four days of camp. The youth traveled to Malewa- Bush Ventures, 2 hours north of Nairobi. The 18 teenagers had been looking forward to the camp for a while. It was a new experience for many - a camp site, thatched shower rooms and dining hall, tents, high ropes course, clean and fresh air and the natural sounds of birds and animals.

Our first day consisted of a CPR (Creating Positive Relationships) short course on the theme ‘Our sexuality is a special gift from God worth respecting and protecting.’ It was relevant and geared towards their age group. The campers interacted and listened to personal experiences by the facilitators from Dawntreader Adventures, Nairobi Chapel and Tanari Trust.

The second and third day offered the teenagers a chance to do low elements as well as the high ropes course. The low elements challenged them in teamwork and assisting others while having fun in the process.

The high ropes course challenged them as individuals to conquer their fears. This was a different experience as they took the roles of encouraging those climbing and even those that were afraid to try. They realized that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and together we compliment each other and make a better, peaceful community.

For example, the ropes and harness experience caused each camper to realize there are times when we will need to trust those around us.

The entire trip was a great success. The teenagers bonded through times of fellowship, exercise and devotions. We also watched environmental documentaries which reminded us of the importance of taking care of the environment. We would like to convey our heart felt gratitude to everyone who made the camp a success through giving of their time or other resources.

May God bless you for making these memories and teachings a reality!

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