Amani Chattanooga: Meet the Staff

Every Amani center needs visionaries to lead the way and a community to support it. Amani Chattanooga has both! Meet the two women who are working to bring Amani to Chattanooga...
Joanna Vaughn
As one of Executive Director Becky Chinchen's daughters, Joanna has been part of the Amani family since its beginning. She and her sisters have grown up with Amani and have stayed involved through the years. Joanna and her family recently spent two years in Yekepa, Liberia where they supported the establishment of Amani Liberia. Returning back to the United States, it was Joanna’s dream to bring Amani to Chattanooga. Her vision, dedication, and fortitude have already driven the project forward as she has worked to find a building and begun to set up the warehouse functions.
[caption id="attachment_1983" align="aligncenter" width="356"] Joanna and her daughter Lu in front of Joanna's future office[/caption]
Diane Denham
Diane is a visionary and full of creative energy, already using  her ideas for effective community outreach in Chattanooga. With an education in fashion marketing and 20 years of retail experience, she also brings her retail expertise to Amani. We are confident that with Diane, the Amani shop will transform from the dusty room it is today to a warm and welcoming environment that shares Amani’s spirit with Chattanooga.
[caption id="attachment_1985" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Diane with Ryan & Pete, all vital members of the Amani Chattanooga work crew[/caption]

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