2015: Year in Review


We couldn't have done 2015 without you!

A Review of 2015

Here's what we accomplished together...


U.S. Center

  • Partnered with 67 volunteers throughout the US
  • Increased US orders from Africa centers by up to 40%
  • Renovated our facility to multiply our warehouse space x2 and installed 6 new storefront windows in our retail space
  • Provided employment for 10 Chattanoogans
  • Finished "in the black" with a 28% increase in sales
  • Shared the women’s testimonies of faith and peace with 10,000 Amani Facebook followers


Kenya Center

  • Installed office laptops for departments  (Reception, Clothing, Distribution, Export, Warehouse, Design, and Cafe)
  • Contucted IT training for 13 staff members
  • Held an annual retreat for 44 ladies, an event that included presentations of music, dance and skits and a beautiful testimony time
  • Gave out 16 new Bibles to the ladies
  • Provided backpacks for 8 children from ages 6-14
  • Graduated 6 women from our 4-year sewing program and welcomed 8 new ladies

Uganda Center

  • Welcomed 6 new women into our training program
  • Hired 2 staff members: one to oversee our ministry with the ladies, and another to jump-start a sales department
  • Established 2 new developmental programs: Trauma Rehabilitation and Discipleship Class
  • Purchased necessary equipment for growth, including 2 tables,tools, 2 long stools, 2 heavy-duty sewing machines, and 1 filing cabinet                                             

Liberia Center

  • Invited 136 young girls to become members of our newly reinstated Amani Girls Club, where girls are taught to respect themselves and celebrate the plan God has for  their future
  • Worked with a team of 5 Tennessee volunteers to repair the leaky roof, the first step on the journey to a reopened production facility
  • 9 seamstresses and tailors regained hope for the future as Amani began renovations to reopen the center

“The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:26

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