Metallic & Turquoise Bracelet

$ 22

The silver bracelet is made with silver and brass beads is a beautiful example of intricate workmanship in East Africa. Each delicate bracelet is embellished with one or more simple colorful turquoise bead(s). Due to the hexagonal shape in which the beads are cut, there is a beautiful glimmer to each bracelet. They make a great pair as a set, or on their own! 

A Kenyan market artisan partnership. Learn more about our artisans' handmade products here. The maker of these bracelets, a woman named Rahab, has been fighting breast cancer. You might remember her story of heartbreak, triumph, and her jewelry business. She recently finished chemotherapy and will soon begin radiation. Rahab made a surprise visit to Amani recently, glowing and happy for where God had brought her on her journey. With pride, she handed over a bag of her handmade jewelry for the first time in months. Stand with Rahab---support her business!


  • one size fits most
  • not adjustable
  • silver clasp, turquoise stones

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