Horn Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 36

A handmade salt and pepper shaker set created out of real cow horn. These salt and pepper shakers bring a rustic, yet chic African touch to the table! Comes in a beautiful dried banana leaf box---a perfect gift set for the newlyweds or a new neighbor!

A Kenyan market artisan partnership. Learn more about our artisans' handmade products here.


  • Horn Shaker: 4" high
  • Banana Leaf Box - 5 x 5"
  • Due to the natural shape and pattern of the horn, each shaker will vary in appearance and hue. No two are alike!

Horn Care:

  • If necessary to wash, do not use chemical solvents, and dry promptly
  • After washing, oil both outside and inside with coconut oil or olive oil
  • Horn can crack and dry out as it is a natural material, much like leather, and will need to be oiled yearly, or more frequently in dryer climates


  • Do not put horn in the dishwasher
  • Do not let horn soak in water for prolonged periods of time, this will cause splitting and delaminating

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