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Article: You like us! You really like us!

You like us! You really like us!

At Amani ya Juu, we're so glad you like us.

                                   At Amani ya Juu, we're so glad you like us.

A few weeks ago, we asked our social media fans one question. Why do you like us, anyway?

Is it our Fair Trade Federation Membership? Is it because we work with women? Do you have a connection to one of our Africa centers? Is it because we are faith-based?

Here are some of the responses we got. Feel free to add your own below, we'd love to see!

"Because you empower women with joy and peace, changing their lives and their children's lives forever giving them opportunities to be better, live better and make Africa better!"

- Melanie

"I visited Amani Kenya 11 years ago and was blessed by the stories of the amazing women there. I love that Amani empowers these women with the tools and skills to provide for their families. I love that through Amani the message of the love and peace of Jesus Christ is being spread throughout Africa an other parts if the world. I love the beautiful products that these women create with their hands. My 6 year old daughter is very proud to bear the name Amani and shares the meaning and origin of her name every chance she gets!"

- Lana

"Our daughter traveled to Nairobi a few years ago with FEED THE HUNGER. She came back glowing with beautiful stories of all she was a part of. One of those things was a visit to Amani ya Juu. I have LOVED AMANI ever since! I LOVE the stories, I LOVE the women.....I LOVE that anything that I buy from them.....helps them support their families.....I LOVE the detail that is put into EACH item....even down to the beautiful handmade gift boxes that encases their jewelry .... I LOVE that these women are not just able to meet their physical needs....but they are also taught about our Heavenly Father, the GIVER of all good things!!! BUT MOST OF ALL..... I LOVE how Amani ya Juu bonds us ALL, physically, emotionally & spiritually as a Sisterhood!! It was a blessing to host a party & I share your work & purpose wherever I go & ALWAYS try to buy gifts for family & friends thru Amani!!!!....I am reminded of Amani in every room of my home😊..I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS"💜🙌💜🙏💜

- Kaye

"For all those reasons and because I went to your shop in Nairobi with the Harrell's to help dedicate your generator and bought our granddaughter a bracelet she loves and me a purse that I carry everywhere and get to tell people about you!"

- Judy

"First, when I lived in Kenya, I liked Amani ya Juu because of your excellent products AND your ministry to women. Second, years later I discovered you had hired my very dear Kenyan friend, Elizabeth, and her daughters at a time when they really needed employment and a place to be safe and a place to be loved and a place to be healed and a place to rekindle hope. GOD BLESS YOU!"

- Linda

"Love your ministry to women and their families. The atmosphere was so wonderful at your Kenya store. The DC store is wonderful. Love everything about Amani!"

- Beth

"I love Amani because of the AMAZING women I meet there every time I come to Nairobi, and the wonderful products they sell. I love knowing that these women have this opportunity,and the Amani community to support them. Oh, and I love Maggie and her beautiful smile!"

- Tracy

"Both! And your great products!"

- Mandy

"I like you because of your fair trade practices, because you work with - and empower - women, and because of the beautiful products you make and sell."

- Sue

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